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We have been offering security services to individuals and governmental clients for decades. We specialize in producing Armored vehicles and therefore we understand our client's safety. We assess each client's security requirement and come with an expert team of security officers to accommodate you based on your requirements

Service Areas

Security Entrance
  • Auto dealership Security

  • Banks Security Service

  • Commercial Building

  • Concert Security

  • Dispensary Security Service

  • Education institute Security

  • Event Security

  • Governmental Facilities Security

  • Healthcare building Security

  • Hotel Security

  • Jewelry store Security

  • Public space Security

  • Reception area Security

  • Restaurant Security

  • Shopping mall Security

Image by Seth Hoffman
  • Construction site

  • Docks and Marine security

  • Manufacturing firms security

  • Research Facilities security

  • Logistic security

  • Warehouse security

guard house_edited.jpg
  • Apartment Security

  • Assisted living Security

  • Gated Community Security

  • House of worship Security

  • Private home Security

Personal Gun


Our guards are well trained with an expert in handling weapons and will be ready to play the role of the armed guard for you and your property's protection.

  • Monitor surrounding area

  • Surveillance​ equipment control

  • Control access points

  • patrolling around property

  • de-escalate situation's

  • utilizing their weapon


Executive Protection

We implement customized executive protection plans tailored to each client to establish the most favorable level of protection for the individual at home, at work, or while traveling.​

  • Celebrity Protection Services

  • Limo Services

  • VIP Protection

  • Bodyguard Services

  • Armored Vehicle

Image by Noiseporn


Our team will take control of the entrance and surrounding area of the event, by checking every person that enters with the right of access and take care of any problems, during the event.​

  • Customer Service

  • Access Control

  • Crowd Control

  • Metal Detectors

  • Parking Services

Security Guard


Our group of skilled security guards is trained to prevent any crime from happening.

  • A layer of protection for your premises

  • Control access

  • Identify a violation or a crime

  • Ensure communication with clients and visitors

  • Supervise site

  • Ensure safety

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden


 We work with each client and place a unique security plan based on their needs. Our patrol guards will constantly patrol around the premises, observe and report.

  • Provide personalized service

  • Preventative patrol inspection

  • Informing violators of policies and procedures

  • Restraining trespassers

  • Locking and unlocking property

Image by Miłosz Klinowski


Our portable video surveillance system will protect your premises and keep trespassers away.

  • 24/H surveillance

  • Monitoring property surrounding

  • Keeping records of any trespassers

  • Speaking through built-in speakers to keep trespasser's away

To request more information about our services please contact us and we would be glad to help you.

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